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So, over the Christmas period Tom and I organised a charity event that we hoped would be successful enough to run as an annual event for the foreseeable future. The result? We received a fantastic amount of footfall on the day which we were ecstatic with at the time. We couldn’t believe it. Crottys hasn’t seen a buzz like this in years. We asked ourselves how it was possible and we could only come to one conclusion. Email marketing!

Previously in November we collected some data from our regular and not so regular customers. A friend of ours had prompted us to do so in order to get a CRM system up and running. It was so simple! With every sale we asked each customer would they be happy to leave their name, number and email address as we informed them about our plans to acknowledge are loyal patrons. This was received well, and if I were to estimate I reckon we got a 80% response rate.

Now what? With the organisation of our upcoming Christmas Charity afternoon in full swing what better way to get the word out about it than by using our newly gathered customer info! We got our hands on a free of charge email marketing website MailChimp that in essence does all the work for you itself! In no more than 10 minutes we had created an email based invitation that would be seamlessly delivered to all of those that we had saved on our systems!

This may seem like baby steps to the average business but for both Tom and I it’s truly a milestone. We really are astonished at the pure simplicity of everything we have been turning a blind eye to for so long. We could have been doing this years ago but nobody told us how accessible it was! You’ve heard it straight from us. If you’re feeling lost or you think marketing involves to much time and effort or that it will send your costs rocketing you’re wrong! So wrong.

So, go on be brave and give it a try. If we can you can!




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